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Website Development

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Website Development

Website User Experience (UX)

Website structure is key in guiding your customers to a conversion. The faster someone can find what they are looking for will reduce the bounce rate and increase your website engagement score. User experience is measured in several ways with continuous monitoring to foster growth. We zero in on stats that matter. Driving the RIGHT traffic to the RIGHT landing page to answer a QUERY is our goal.

Webmaster Services & Maintenance


Website design and development first begins with the customer journey and goals in mind. Adding people, places and things to your site begins by organizing site structure and designing user-friendly appealing websites, which begins with a simple wire frame. A great user experience must be scalable, changeable, and easily maneuverable across-the-board.

How is your site’s customer engagement score? Add engaging activities on your site that captivates your visitors from animation, videos, roll overs, to rich media ads. Build out content marketing pages for more time spent on your pages.

We build out ecommerce through several plugins and 3rd party platforms like Shopify and seamlessly marry the cart to websites.

Turning your site visits into conversions and revenue is our goal. Cherry-pick analyzes website performance metrics for insights into optimization tactics for the landing pages and click paths. We score and measure all website activities for continuous improvement in website development and maintenance.