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2019 B2B Best Marketing Tasks

Teresa Anthony      -

2019 B2B Best Marketing Tasks

Here are the top 10 marketing ideas that have helped B2B technology companies grow their sales.

1. Homepage design with 1-click menus, visually impactful, and compelling…it’s a storefront!
2. Website flows well on a phone
3. SEO meta data aligned with messaging and customer buzz words
4. Strategic content that supports niche’s, engaging, and differentiates from competitors
5. Integrated timing & creation of pay-per-click, email, banner ads, tradeshow graphics, social media, and affiliate marketing
7. Expand channels – directories, video, radio, TV …
8. Expand territories – localize content & marketing messaging
9. Tap into horizontal markets
10. Be agile – turn marketing strategies on a dime based on testing

End game is a lean, balanced, and analytically-based marketing that’s timely, impressive & effective.