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The Cherry-pick Marketing Process

At Cherry-pick Marketing we follow a fairly strict process of gathering and reviewing analytics before offering any marketing strategies, ideas, or designs. It's been proven time and again that utilizing the data in marketing decisions succeeds more times than operating from the gut.

Cherry-pick's Targeted Process

1. Pull Analytical Reports

Website Analytics

Search Analytics

Advertising Analytics

Email Analytics

Other Marketing Analytics

Sales Analytics

Competitor Metrics

Predictive Analytics

2. Strategy Optimizations

Business Partnerships

Field Sales

Product Review

Customer Service Review

Customer Profiling

Creative Ideas

Select Best Channels to Test

Location Targets

3. Tactical Deployment

Support Sales with Materials

Content Development for Customers

Search Engine Marketing - SEM (SEO & PPC)

Media Planning

Outreach Marketing Programs:
  Online & print ads
  Website and downloads
  Tradeshow blitz
  Direct Mail....all marcom

Run Metrics Reports


Contact us for a brief review of strategies:
Call (650) 477-2377 or send a request

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Amazon Evolution

Amazon Logo Evolution

Website Evolution and Traffic of Amazon

In Review:

Website Template
Homepage grew from 3 to 7 columns
Left side navigation is gone
Drop down menu is the focus
Robust footer is now used
Right side banners were removed
Picture graphics grew larger
Search bar is prominent at the top
All graphics removed - photos only
Main header slider accentuated

Corporate Identity
The name got lost in the colored square graphic
Graphic was stripped to a text only logo
Orange circle symbolizing the world was added
Only the top of the circle was used as an underline
The .com was removed and curved arrow added

Improve your website and brand image in increments.
Changing only the homepage can look like a complete
website overhaul.

Contact Cherry-pick Marketing for a few homepage
layout ideas integrated with digital marketing channels.

Request a Quick Review
Call (650) 477-2377 or send a request

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50 Reasons to Advertise

  1. Saturate and reach farther than field sales
  2. Build BRAND presence and loyalty
  3. Reinforce credibility of products and services
  4. Give lift and amplify existing marketing tasks
  5. Control timing and targeting 100%
  6. Tap people that have never heard of you
  7. Gain new prospects
  8. Open doors for the sales team
  9. Educate the public on specific topics
  10. Position your company in the market
  11. Compete and not lose to aggressive competitor’s position
  12. New product introductions
  13. Initiate and sustain momentum
  14. Create "Buzz" and word of mouth
  15. Maintain consistent and controlled customer communication
  16. Reinforce personal sales calls, letters and contact
  17. Reduce sales costs
  18. Reach top management without disrupting current relationships
  19. Generate and prequalify leads and prospects
  20. Generate revenue and increase market share
  21. Retention and cross selling to existing customers
  22. Test new services and products
  23. Promote multi-services and products
  24. Stay top-of-mind and ahead of the competition
  25. Enter new markets
  26. Enhance employee pride, loyalty and morale
  27. Reduce employee turnover
  28. Improve quality of new job applicants
  29. Get interested prospects off the fence
  30. Announce new acquisitions and discoveries
  31. Quickly disseminate important data and information
  32. Network with social media
  33. Gain insights and trends from the analytics
  34. Modify public perception
  35. Control wayward trends
  36. Resell to lost customers
  37. Conduct research
  38. Eliminate ‘me too’ and develop uniqueness
  39. Can be the tipping point to along sales cycle
  40. Company becomes personable and inclusive
  41. Creates continuous traffic
  42. Encourages repeat business
  43. Promotes a successful image
  44. Replace the 20% customer attrition
  45. Reinstates postponed sales
  46. Keep trolling for future sales
  47. Adjust to changing markets
  48. Appeal to newcomers
  49. Encourage the influencers
  50. Grow your business cost-effectively



Advertising gives you a long-term advantage over competitors who cut back or cancel advertising. A survey of more than 3,000 companies found that advertisers who maintained or expanded advertising over a five-year period saw their sales increase an average of 100 percent, and companies that cut advertising grew at less than half the rate of those who advertised steadily.

HubSpot Marketing Statistics:

57% of salespeople believe buyers are less dependent on salespeople during the buying process.

Only 29% of people want to talk to a salesperson to learn more about a product, while 62% will consult a search engine.

40% of salespeople say getting a response from prospects is getting harder.

43% of salespeople struggle most with prospecting.

63% of prospects are "somewhat" or "not at all" knowledgeable about a company before a sales rep makes the first contact.

34% of salespeople say closing deals is getting harder.

Prospecting is the most difficult part of the sales process for salespeople.

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Balancing Channels

With so many marketing channels available to reach your target audience, finding the right cost to coverage ratio can be challenging. We start with conversions. Benchmarking your tradeshows, search, advertising, PR, email and direct mail performance on engagement and response can lower your cost per lead.

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Quarterly Media Plan

A Sampling of Life Science Media Publishers, Reach, & Editorial Calendar for Q2

For an expanded tailored list of media selections, reach, and upcoming editorials, contact media@cherrypickmarketing.com.

We also serve these markets with targeted media planning and technology marketing campaigns:

Research & Development
Medical Devices

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Contact Us

Cherry-pick Marketing
P.O. Box 8195
San Mateo, CA 94404
(650) 477-2377


Cherry-pick Marketing is a full-service creative marketing communications advertising agency executing integrated strategic solutions for websites, email, ebiz, search, social, online/offline advertising, collateral, sales promotions, events, branding and PR. We are digital marcom experts for global B2B technology and consumer product companies.

Cherry-pick’s team is diverse from expert pros with 20+ years of marketing experience, to new graduates, to international with our broad partnerships and vendors.

Please contact us for more information.


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Media Publishers Chart

A Few Top Technology Media Publishers - Saturate Your Audience with Your Messaging

Biotechnology R&D Medical Devices Pharmaceutical Semiconductor Security
LCGC Laser Focus Medical Marketing & Media DDN Semiconductor Today Security
Fierce Biotech R&D Technology Networks Pharma Executive Compound Semiconductor Security Today
BioCompare Popular Science MedScape American Pharmaceutical Review EDN SDM
SelectScience Test & Measurement Imaging Technology News GaBl Journal EE Times Security Systems News
BioTechniques Design News The Scientist Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Popular Mechanics Enterprise Security
ASSAY Physics Today ASME Nature IEEE Spectrum Infosecurity
CELL Press Science OmicsOnline BioPharm Silicon Chip SC
LabMate Spectroscopy Now Mass Device CE&N Wired Cyber Defense
GenomeWeb ResearchGate Medical News Today Cancer Research Defense Electronics CISO

For an expanded list of media selections, reach, and monthly editorials that pinpoint your audience, contact media@cherrypickmarketing.com.

We serve technology markets with targeted media planning and marketing campaigns to build brands and grow sales.

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Examples Search Ads

B2B Search Ads 300 x 250    --------------------------------------------------------------------------


B2C Search Ads 300 x 250    --------------------------------------------------------------------------


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Examples Websites

B2B Search Ads 300 x 250    --------------------------------------------------------------------------


B2C Search Ads 300 x 250    --------------------------------------------------------------------------


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Examples Bin

B2B Search Ads 300 x 250  Ads  ------------------------------------------------


Consumer 300 x 250 Ads ------------------------------------------------


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Examples Emails

B2B Search Ads 300 x 250    --------------------------------------------------------------------------


B2C Search Ads 300 x 250    --------------------------------------------------------------------------


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Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

Combine Analytics from search, email, banner ads, direct mail, PR, media, directories, website UX and more sources to feed the data back into campaigns and website design for the highest converting marketing.

integrated marketing
The marketing impact on sales is measurable with accountability for revenue and conversions. No matter how you chart it, marketing goals must be met.  Check out our 'Marketing Integration Starter Package Offer."  Build a strong digital marketing foundation in Search and CRM to help grow sales efficiently, effectively, and at the lowest cost ratio.


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Analytics Data

Website Analytics
Advertising Analytics
Email Analytics
Sales Analytics
Industry Analytics
Competitor Analytics

Marketing Analytics
Tie All the Technology of Digital Marketing, Automation, Media, and Design Together Into Building Your Brand.


Fill the Sales Funnel With Data-Driven Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Cherry-pick teams are experts in integrated multi-function marketing channels, that are coordinated and monitored, for maximum impact. Target audiences that are ripe and ready for your services or products by analyzing click data to build an integrated marketing solution that attracts and converts your marketing efforts.

Marketing Integration

Campaign development begins with layers of analytics. Cross-channel close-loop reporting, insights of big data, and research, in developing targeted campaigns based on what’s currently trending and in demand on your website and search conversions.

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Analytics Metrics that Matter

New Brochure!
Analytics for Creative Integrated Marketing

Utilize 33 criteria to measure in 5 major areas including: Email, Website Upgrades, Search Marketing, Media Saturation and Sales Initiatives to budget in "Metrics that Matter!"


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Marketing Glossary of Terms


Anchor Text – highlighted text with a same page link or target web page

APP - Desktop, Mobile, and Web Applications (software)

Click Through Rate (CTR) – rate of clicks to impressions on an ad

Link building – Quality links to your website

Meta tags – page html code to speak to search bots for indexing

Search Algorithms – retrieval formulas to extract of information in data structure

Search bot – web crawler collects information to index to the search engine

Search Taxonomy – practice and science of classification of keywords into navigational, informational, and transactional

Website Eye-Tracking Heatmaps – Tracking of eye movements on landing pages

Website wireframe – website page schematic and visual arrangement of site content

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Cherry-pick Marketing

Let experience over deliver and stay under budget.
As technology marketers, we utilize
over 100 marketing software programs to ensure a
traceable and creative digital marketing process.


Contract MarCom

Fill in the Gaps on ALL Marketing Tasks
Site Webmaster Duties, Design, Edits & Search
Media Management and Planning (Online/Print)
Collateral Design with Messaging & Positioning

Technology Copywriting, Papers, PR
Project Management w/ Creative Strategies

Blitz Marketing 4-8 Weeks

Tradeshow Marketing & Advertising Support
Targeted Email Campaigns to Capture Leads
Key Buzz Words on Page 1 of Search

NPI Marketing Launches
Corporate Identity Branding w/Manuals
Website & Online Ads with Distribution


Our scientists have noticed the increase in inquires we have received. We are pleased in the effectiveness of the PPC campaigns by Cherry-pick Marketing and the relevance of the leads.   Emery Pharma

Cherry-pick Marketing updated the messaging and look/feel of our homepage, designed, created, and administered multiple email campaigns, dramatically improved our trade show graphics, and helped drive up the performance of our Google Adwords program and website SEO.  We saw an 88% and >25% Y-o-Y increase in leads and opportunities for this year.   BIOSERO

We couldn’t keep the product on the shelf after Cherry-pick launched an integrated email and PPC campaign.    Phenix Research

Many people claim they know SEM but you are the real deal after doubling our daily orders within two weeks of optimizing our Adwords account.   HEALTHTREE

The agency (who will not be named) could not have done what you did in 8 months even if given up to two years to work on them 🙂   BIO-RAD  (Doubled online revenue from $11M to $23M)

The analytics from the PPC Webinar campaign targeted regions of interest and steered us away from non-performing media.     THERMO SCIENTIFIC

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Digital Marketing Acronyms

Digital Marketing Acronyms

4P's Product, Price, Place, Promotion
AI Artificial Intelligence
AIDA Attention/Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action
AOV Average Order Value
API Application Program Interface
AR Augmented Reality
CAC Customer Acquisition Cost
CMS Content Management System
CoCA Cost of Customer Acquisition
CPA Cost per Acquisition / Action
CPC Cost Per Click
CPL Cost Per Lead
CPM Cost Per Impression (000's)
CR Conversion Rate
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
CTA Call to Action
CTR Clickthrough Rate
CX Customer Experience
D2C Direct to Consumer
DMP Data Management Platform
DNS Domain Name Server
DR Direct Response
EPC Earnings Per Click
ESP Email Service Provider
FTP File Transfer Protocol
IBL Inbound Link
IM Instant Messaging
IMC Integrated Marketing Communication
IoT Internet of Things
IoTT Internet of Things Technologies
ISP Internet Service Provider
KPI Key Performance Indicator
LTV Lifetime Value
MEQ Marcom Efficiency Quadrant
MLM Multi-level Marketing
MoM Month-over-Month
MQL Marketing Qualified Lead
MRR Monthly Recurring Revenue
MS Market Share
MVT Multivariate Testing
NPS Net Promoter Score
OBL Outbound Link
OS Open Source
P2P Peer to Peer Marketing
PHP PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
PII Personally Identifiable Information
POP Point of Purchase
POS Point of Sale
PPC Pay Per Click
PPL Pay Per Lead
PPV Pay Per View
PR Public Relations / Press Release
QoQ Quarter-over-Quarter
QS Quality Score
RFI Request for Informatioin
RFP Request for Proposal
ROI Return On Investment
RON Run of Network
RoW Rest of World
RSS Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication
RT Retweet
SAL Sales Accepted Lead
SEM Search Engine Marketing
SEO Search Engine Optimization
SERP Search Engine Results Page
SM Social Media
SMB Small-to-Medium Business
SME Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
SMM Social Media Marketing
SMO Social Media Optimization
SMS Short Message Service
SoLoMo Social, Local, Mobile
SOV Share of Voice
SOW Statement of Work
SQL Sales Qualified Lead
SSL Secure Sockets Layer (https:)
SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
TLP Targeted Landing Page
UGC User Generated Content
UI User Interface
URL Uniform Resource Locator
USP Unique Selling Proposition
UX User Experience
UXD User Experience Design
VOD Video on Demand
VM Viral Marketing
WOM Word-of-Mouth
XML Extensible Markup Language
YoY Year-over-Year

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Media Planning

Media Planning

Media Planning

There are more marketing choices than ever before and Cherry-pick Marketing vets the best media channels for your products and services based on your online analytics, CRM results, and competitor's activities. We carefully craft and deploy integrated campaigns to target audiences already interested in your products or services, which can double your overall marketing ROI and reduce sales cycle time.

Fill the Sales Funnel With Data-Driven Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Cherry-pick teams are experts in integrated multi-function marketing channels, that are coordinated and monitored, for maximum impact. Target audiences that are ripe and ready for your services or products by analyzing click data to build an integrated marketing solution that attracts and converts your marketing efforts.

Marketing Integration

Campaign development begins with layers of analytics. Cross-channel close-loop reporting, insights of big data, and research, in developing targeted campaigns based on what's currently trending and in demand on your website and search conversions.

Marketing/Media Planning
Brand Positioning
Data-Driven Strategies
Webmaster Duties

Cross-Platform Media & Marketing

Developing a comprehensive media plan ties your marketing channels together for a powerful and cohesive implementation. Great campaigns begin with good multi-channel data.  Cherry-pick has three intro PPC short campaigns to get started on gathering current customer intelligence.

Capture your customer's attention with creative analytical marketing. Take your search advertising, meta data, and MARCOM to new heights! By analyzing global search ads, website click data daily, weekly, monthly, and optimizing campaigns, set budget bids at the lowest possible converting threshold to keep your ads up longer and attract converting customers. ROI can be very high when the right filters are in place to attract relevant traffic intending to make a purchase. Take converting data and integrate it into MARCOM projects for messaging consistency and improved website rankings through increased direct and referral traffic. Building your brand name is pivotal in reducing marketing costs.

Examples of Multimedia Spot Campaigns:

  1. Tradeshow Lift Package
    Get the attention of the crowds by launching a PPC integrated campaign across several channels two weeks before the show and one week after.
  2. Spot Campaign Bundles
    Run several media channels and PPC around a specific editorial being published, conference, new product introductions or newsworthy events.
  3. Promo Blitz Deal
    Make sure your short-lived promotion gets seen by every possible customer before it expires with PPC and various media channels.

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Search Engine Marketing – SEO & PPC


Search Engine Marketing (SEM):
Capture and Drive WebsiteTraffic with (SEO) Search Engine Optimization and  (PPC) Pay Per Click Text and Display Search Ads on Mobile, Tablets and Computers

Search Bot

It’s all about the bot.

We think like a bot,

act like a bot,

design for a bot.

Search Engine Optimization

(SEO) Empower Your Website
Meta Tags Data on Every Page
Analytics Tags
Tracking Codes
Keyword Content Building
Sitemap / Directory / Indexing
Download Creations
Keyword Development
Internal/External Link Building
Site Submissions for Rankings
Images Optimized for Fast Loading


Search Engine Marketing

(SEM) Drive & Capture Traffic
Pay Per Click (PPC) Text Ads
Display Text Search Ads
Display Banner Ads
Product Listing Ads
Ads by Device
Dynamic Search Ads
Engagement Ads
Affiliate Marketing Channels


For over 15 years we have been experts in SEM, SEO and PPC which are the cornerstones in building analytical marketing. By knowing what to look for, we've reduced costs while more than doubling revenue with $10 to $50 ROI results. Use multiple search engines and media to reach fragmented audiences with your meta data and integrate analytics to sharpen deployment, conversions, and marcom messaging.


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Google Search Algorithms

In September 2013, Google implemented the below Hummingbird algorithms to be focused on the 'context' and 'intent' of each word in a long tail search query.

1. Domain Age
2. Keyword Appears in Top Level Domain domain name
3. Keyword As First Word in Domain or end of their domain
4. Domain registration length
5. Keyword in Subdomain Name
6. Domain History
7. Exact Match Domain
8. Public vs. Private WhoIs
9. Penalized WhoIs Owner
10. Country TLD extension
11. Keyword in Title Tag
12. Title Tag Starts with Keyword
13. Keyword in Description Tag
14. Keyword Appears in H1 Tag
15. Keyword is Most Frequently Used Phrase in Document
16. Content Length
17. Keyword Density
18. Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords in Content (LSI)
19. LSI Keywords in Title and Description Tags
20. Page Loading Speed via HTML
21. Duplicate Content
22. Rel=Canonical
23. Page Loading Speed via Chrome
24. Image Optimization
25. Recency of Content Updates
26. Magnitude of Content Updates
27. Historical Updates Page Updates
28. Keyword Prominence
29. Keyword in H2, H3 Tags
30. Keyword Word Order
31. Outbound Link Quality
32. Outbound Link Theme
33. Grammar and Spelling
34. Syndicated Content
35. Helpful Supplementary Content
36. Number of Outbound Links
37. Multimedia
38. Number of Internal Links Pointing to Page
39. Quality of Internal Links Pointing to Page
40. Broken Links
41. Reading Level
42. Affiliate Links:
43. HTML errors/W3C validation
44. Page Host’s Domain Authority
45. Page’s PageRank
46. URL Length
47. URL Path
48. Human Editors
49. Page Category
50. WordPress Tags
51. Keyword in URL
52. URL String
53. References and Sources
54. Bullets and Numbered Lists
55. Priority of Page in Sitemap
56. Too Many Outbound Links
57. Quantity of Other Keywords Page Ranks For
58. Page Age
59. User Friendly Layout
60. Parked Domains
61. Useful Content
62. Content Provides Value and Unique Insights
63. Contact Us Page
64. Domain Trust/TrustRank
65. Site Architecture
66. Site Updates:
67. Number of Pages
68. Presence of Sitemap
69. Site Uptime
70. Server Location
71. SSL Certificate
72. Terms of Service and Privacy Pages
73. Duplicate Meta Information On-Site
74. Breadcrumb Navigation
75. Mobile Optimized
76. YouTube
77. Site Usability
78. Use of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
79. User reviews/Site reputation
80. Linking Domain Age
81. # of Linking Root Domains
82. # of Links from Separate C-Class IPs
83. # of Linking Pages
84. Alt Tag (for Image Links)
85. Links from .edu or .gov Domains
86. Authority of Linking Page
87. Authority of Linking Domain
88. Links From Competitors
89. Social Shares of Referring Page
90. Links from Bad Neighborhoods
91. Guest Posts
92. Links to Homepage Domain that Page Sits On
93. Nofollow Links
94. Diversity of Link Types
95. “Sponsored Links” Or Other Words Around Link
97. Excessive 301 Redirects to Page
98. Backlink Anchor Text
99. Internal Link Anchor Text
100. Link Title Attribution
101. Country TLD of Referring Domain
102. Link Location In Content
103. Link Location on Page
104. Linking Domain Relevancy
105. Page Level Relevancy
106. Text Around Link Sentiment
107. Keyword in Title
108. Positive Link Velocity
109. Negative Link Velocity
110. Links from “Hub” Pages
111. Link from Authority Sites
112. Linked to as Wikipedia Source
113. Co-Occurrences
114. Backlink Age
115. Links from Real Sites vs. Splogs
116. Natural Link Profile
117. Reciprocal Links
118. User Generated Content Links
119. Links from 301
120. Schema.org Microformats
121. DMOZ Listed
122. TrustRank of Linking Site
123. Number of Outbound Links on Page
124. Forum Profile Links
125. Word Count of Linking Content
126. Quality of Linking Content
127. Sitewide Links
128. Organic Click Through Rate for a Keyword
129. Organic CTR for All Keywords
130. Bounce Rate
131. Direct Traffic
132. Repeat Traffic
133. Blocked Sites
134. Chrome Bookmarks
135. Google Toolbar Data
136. Number of Comments
137. Dwell Time
138. Query Deserves Freshness
139. Query Deserves Diversity
140. User Browsing History
141. User Search History
142. Geo Targeting
143. Safe Search
144. Google+ Circles
145. DMCA Complaints
146. Domain Diversity
147. Transactional Searches
148. Local Searches
149. Google News Box
150. Big Brand Preference
151. Shopping Results
152. Image Results
153. Easter Egg Results
154. Single Site Results for Brands
155. Number of Tweets
156. Authority of Twitter Users Accounts
157. Number of Facebook Likes
158. Facebook Shares
159. Authority of Facebook User Accounts
160. Pinterest Pins
161. Votes on Social Sharing Sites
162. Number of Google+1’s
163. Authority of Google+ User Accounts
164. Known Authorship
165. Social Signal Relevancy
166. Site Level Social Signals
167. Brand Name Anchor Text
168. Branded Searches
169. Site Has Facebook Page and Likes
170. Site has Twitter Profile with Followers
171. Official Linkedin Company Page
172. Employees Listed at Linkedin
173. Legitimacy of Social Media Accounts
174. Brand Mentions on News Sites
175. Co-Citations
176. Number of RSS Subscribers
177. Brick and Mortar Location With Google+ Local Listing
178. Website is Tax Paying Business
179. Panda Penalty
180. Links to Bad Neighborhoods
181. Redirects
182. Popups or Distracting Ads
183. Site Over-Optimization
184. Page Over-Optimization
185. Ads Above the Fold
186. Hiding Affiliate Links
187. Affiliate Sites
188. Autogenerated Content
189. Excess PageRank Sculpting
190. IP Address Flagged as Spam
191. Meta Tag Spamming
192. Unnatural Influx of Links
193. Penguin Penalty
194. Link Profile with High % of Low Quality Links
195. Linking Domain Relevancy
196. Unnatural Links Warning
197. Links from the Same Class C IP
198. “Poison” Anchor Text
199. Manual Penalty
200. Selling Links
201. Google Sandbox
202. Google Dance
203. Disavow Tool
204. Reconsideration Request
205. Temporary Link Schemes