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We utilize over 100 marketing software programs to
ensure a traceable and creative digital marketing process
to nurture leads for Bio/Hi-Tech products and services.

Startups to Mid-Size Businesses

Fill in the Gaps on ALL Marketing Tasks
Webmaster Duties, Design & Edits
Tradeshow Marketing Support

Collateral Design
Online Marketing Deployment
Project Management

Large Companies

Media Management
Website UX, Redesign & Edits

NPI Marketing Launches
Creative Strategy Planning
Corporate Identity Manuals
All Creative - Design, Photos, Videos, Illustrations


Our scientists have noticed the increase in inquires we have received. We are pleased in the effectiveness of the PPC campaigns by Cherry-pick Marketing and the relevance of the leads.   Emery Pharma

Cherry-pick Marketing updated the messaging and look/feel of our homepage, designed, created, and administered multiple email campaigns, dramatically improved our trade show graphics, and helped drive up the performance of our Google Adwords program and website SEO.  We saw an 88% and >25% Y-o-Y increase in leads and opportunities for this year.   BIOSERO

We couldn’t keep the product on the shelf after Cherry-pick launched an integrated email and PPC campaign.    Phenix Research

Many people claim they know SEM but you are the real deal after doubling our daily orders within two weeks of optimizing our Adwords account.   HEALTHTREE

The agency (who will not be named) could not have done what you did in 8 months even if given up to two years to work on them 🙂   BIO-RAD  (Doubled online revenue from $11M to $23M)

The analytics from the PPC Webinar campaign targeted regions of interest and steered us away from non-performing media.     THERMO SCIENTIFIC


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